Political Diary 03/09/19 – 07/09/19

7. Sep 2019


  • Finished reading Homage to Catalonia. It was fine. Not as good as I expected though my expectations were high.
  • Disappointed by treacherous actions of MPs derailing Brexit. Though I will benefit from the UK staying in the UK.


  • Tired of Brexit not happening news. Predictably being blocked by the pro-EU parliament. I just glanced at the BBC website and it was as partisan as I had expected. The license fee is not a joke.
  • Halfway through Down and Out. Much better than Homage to Catalonia. That section about Charlie’s rape seemed forced and stupid. Liked the parts about working in an hotel in Paris.


  • Finished reading Down and Out Paris and London. I liked it overall though the bits about tramps in London was less exciting than the hotels in Paris. I liked how seriously and without a hint of mockery Orwell acknowledges the degrading effect of a lack of any prospects with women that the lowest class of men has to face. Furthermore Orwell does not shy away from saying that among the lowest classes men form the overwhelming majority and that the overwhelming majority of women would not condescend to these men. Though Orwell ferrets away from discussing why by claiming that it is not important why, I could guess why. To Orwell’s credit he also grasps that the reason for this imbalance is because as a last resort women may latch onto a man for a wage, though in our age this is done through the state – it is the same as the state simply robs some working men (and women) to provide for these women. Orwell’s solution for all this ills for a start is the idea of self-sustaining work-houses which work the land in order to provide for at least some of their food. Though this solution does present some issues it is certainly better than the welfare state we currently have in Britain which just hands money to the poor and has little protection for the homeless. Of course conditions have improved but that has been mainly due to technical progress due to investments of capital and not government spending. I do object to Orwell’s idea of legislation to improve the condition in lodging houses as that would only lead to poor lodgers been priced out as the market would cater to a richer crowd. At least he did not utter the idiotic idea of rent controls which has failed everywhere. There is no mention of drug use among the tramps though Orwell does admit that if the tramps could afford it then they would get drunk on alcohol. Alcohol abuse in government provided housing estates and among those on benefits have shown this to be the case today in Britain.
  • The tv license extortion-funded BBC continues to be partial to one side of the argument on Brexit after it realized it might happen. Though to be fair there are few among our cultural elite in the real institutions which govern Britain so it is not surprising that they having problems finding someone who they deem acceptable to come and argue for Brexit on the BBC. After all they wouldn’t want to suggest that anyone reasonable and intelligent could be for Brexit.
  • What we can learn from the continuous efforts to derail brexit is that Academia, our current priestly class is more important than the media and government because those who get into government and the media have to pass through and are filtered by academia.
  • Orwell is an unsystematic thinker so I wonder whether Nietzche would have liked him.


  • The university library only had left-wing newspapers bought with public money. A comic book reviewer said that the only reason that certain comic book publishers are in business is because librarian’s buy their comics in order to virtue-signal. I guess this is something like that.
  • It is shameful to the see that the ANC and others are not denouncing Mugabe for the tyrant he was. The BBC brought on a left-wing professor to explain to us how it was not all Mugabe’s fault because Zimbabwe has an history of violence. Basically it is whitey’s fault after all. It could not be that Mugabe’s actions were his own fault of course, only white people have agency when it comes to doing evil in the left-wing intelligentsia. I wonder, though it hardly matters, whether the BBC believes this is impartial.


  • I finished reading The Road to Wigan Pier today. It was good. I felt it should make clear to anyone who reads it that Orwell was a socialist. I think that if I had been there I probably would have been a socialist too though with historical hindsight about how socialism has failed everywhere I wonder whether he would have remained a socialist or as I have revert to be a liberal with some conservative tendencies. Incidentally his talk about how sentimental socialists were pushed towards reactionaries when they realized the consequences of socialism made me wonder for a moment whether I was one such case too.
  • Orwell’s nonsensical talk about anyone with a brain could see that socialism worked and his repetition of this did not come across as particularly smart as then no large scale socialist projects had been attempted other than the Soviet union which he disliked.
  • Even though he was off on the Socialism vs. Capitalism thing his observations about what push potential socialist to be reactionaries I think apply today as well in a sense that due to how soft western civilization has become thanks to capitalism (rather than socialism as Orwell predicted though this makes no difference to the repulsion it causes). Orwell was right about the cranks on the left which makes it repulsive still the working class left-winger which Orwell has talked about and the left is almost entirely composed of the cranks like feminists, suburban creeping Jesus liberals, all those dreary women etc… today. It is these people who have repulsed me from the left too until I had to admit that I was no longer on the left although I am still a liberal.
  • In the middle of the thing Orwell quotes a right wing literary critic who claims that the protection of life only extends to the prevention of murder. Orwell rages at this… I would have said “rightly so” in the past but now I am not so sure which is why I wondered whether I was one of those sentimental former leftists turned reactionary after an allergic reaction to the working class, to real socialists and to the real implications of socialism. I will deny the first charge as I know the working classes today as I am poor, the second charge I would have to admit to as the behaviour of people in leftwing movements has disgusted me over again (presumably these people are our ruling class in the interim to our socialist utopia which means that this is not inconsequential) and finally to the final charge I can say with historical hindsight which Orwell did not have that socialism does not work and that I am puzzled by people with brains who believe that it could despite its many repeated failures.
  • Orwell called this right wing’s literary critic’s opinion brazen but honest funk that it should be left to charity to look after those who cannot afford to look themselves rather than the state with the money it robbed from others but I think it is a perfectly reasonable and intelligible opinion to hold. The looming non-affordability of the social benefits in Europe is slowly coming to its breaking point no matter how much money is stolen from the rich. Even if again Orwell isn’t alive to see it that doesn’t mean his prediction is not off. Had socialism worked though I would encourage the state to rob the rich but I would not have pretended it was not robbery.


5. Dec 2006