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Why I don’t think it matters that Japanese Animators are under paid and over worked

22. May 2017

So recently I have seen a lot articles complaining about how the anime industry is dying and so forth because animators aren’t paid enough.

Well to put it bluntly, this has always been the case, the guiding principle of Japanese animation from the time of Ozamu Tezuka is to pay a little money to poor people.

Why do people hate anime?

21. May 2017

Can somebody tell me why there are so many people who hate anime? It’s like it is cool to hate anime. And I see all the time people saying that otakus/weebs are misrepresenting Japanese culture or hating their own culture but do they really? This is usually followed by some condescending waffle about how reality in Japan is not like anime and that Japanese people hate otakus. As if people who watch anime can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction. We all know that the Japanese don’t like otakus but it’s not to be liked by the Japanese that we watch anime, what’s your point?