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This page is a list of bookmarks to blog posts I came across and thought were worth sharing with a short description of what I thought about each of them. Click the title of the post in order to visit it. The post will open in a new browser tab. The ‘Archive’ link leads to an archived version of that post. Use that link if the original website is down.

‘Tis not too late to seek a newer world’- from O-new

Archived Version: Link

This is the last blog post by an anime blogger announcing the end of his blog. Basically he decides that he needs to get a life. It is very beautifully written even though the author was only 16 years old at the time. I wonder whether he writes anymore. He goes through the history of his blog leaving some hypherlinks to some cringe from his blog.

There are some bad puns here and there but nothing too bad. He tells us how being a writer lulled him into a false sense of superiority, about how he started too many projects and got obsessed with the structure and organization of his blog over its contents, about how he missed out on adolescense for a false hope that through sheer will he could leave his mark for postery, about how the writers in the anime reviewing community he had once respected and hoped to join now appeared to him a clique of milenquotes all saying the same thing in a different way, about how his online ‘community’ was nothing more than text to him and that he ought to have and will from now on cherish his real life friendships. He says many more things to that effect. It is an ode to mediocrity and ordinary life over impossible dreams and fantasy. Well if nothing else it is a warning not to burn out and a reminder that writing has got to be fun at least some of the time.


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