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Why the Burqini should be legal

4. September 2016

People should be as free as they can be in a liberal society. There is no security risk coming from the burkini and the only thing the ban will serve is to further prevent the assimilation of muslims into western society. I can understand how burqas and niqabs can be security risks because it is very hard to identify someone without seeing their face but this is not the case with the burqini.


I believe in the separation of state and church, and more importantly in religious freedom. People should be free to practice their fate and the state shouldn’t get in their way unless they are doing something illegal.

At best these kind of bans are just a type of virtue signalling by politicians to divert the publics attention from the underlying problems. By baning this kind of clothing muslims will become less visible in western societies while none of the underlining issues such as the failed immigration policy in western Europe will be dealt with, politicians will just keep on kicking the tin until another Islamic terrorist attack happens.

Yes, I know that in many muslim countries women are treated as second class citizens, that Islamic clothing  has got less to do with modesty and everything to do with women’s status in muslim communities and that it’s presense in the west is a political statement spitting on the values of Christian and secular Western society. I have seen many people try to justify these type of illiberal bans by pointing out correctly that women are forced to wear Islamic clothing in Islamic countries. The problem with this assessment is that just because authoritarian Islamic societies do something wrong by coercing women to wear certain clothing that doesn’t mean that we should fall down to their level by coercing women to wear a different kind of clothing.

And no the pressure that women feel to wear certain clothing and look a certain way in the west is not the same as the state sponsored oppression of women in authoritarian societies with draconian laws on women’s lifestyles which have no parallel in free societies. Shame on anyone who tries to equivocate the two, because by doing so they are excusing the disgusting behaviour towards women in authoritarian Islamic societies.

I find Islamic clothing aesthetically and morally disgusting and I am sad to see their spread in the West, however the liberal principles that are the foundation of the Liberty we all enjoy in the west need to be protected because as long as they are present I believe there is a chance of assimilating the muslim communities in the west by showing them how our values are better. Before dismissing what I have just said as bone headed optimism remember that we all capable of rational thought.