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Marxist philosophy as I see it, in a nutshell.

1. June 2017

Marxism is an ideology, a system of ideas, with a materialistic and pessimistic view of the world. What an individual thinks is highly dependent on his social status. Or in other words, it is an individual’s social status and experience that determines what goes on in his mind and not the other way around. This makes Marxism pessimistic as it implies that individuals are mere cogs in The Machine of human civilization. And that those individuals have no control over their own lives, but only exist to act as tools to fulfil tasks that support the system that suppresses them.

Marxism tends to look at history just like a literary critique would generally look at a narrative of a literary work therefore it can be used to interpret almost any event or work of fiction. The downside to this is that it is easy to generalize or even oversimplify any situation into a clash between the classes, a struggle for power, while ignoring all other factors and context related to that specific situation. Marxism also seems to claim that all problems are social problems and do not just exist because of human nature(e.g. Human greed) or the human condition.

Marxism unites people of different backgrounds but divides them into different social classes that compete against each other for power. While I cannot deny that  some conflicts are nothing more power play between groups of people with more and less wealth, not all conflicts and events can be explained so easily. On closer inspection more factors can usually be found.

Despite all of this I think that an healthy dose of Marxism is good to counterbalance the beliefs and social assumptions of whatever culture you live in. And contrary to popular belief I think that Marxism does appeal to common sense- for example if I said that generally speaking people of a higher social status have more opportunities I think that most of you will agree. However again I do not deny the existence of that idealistic kind of Marxism, which can sometimes be destructive but then again that can be said about capitalism and other -isms too.