The 8 Commandments

  1. “Because I am bored.”
  2. Death to fascism-by-any-other-name.
  3. Beauty is beauty because of the cruelty of selection.
  4. We shall fight… and we shall never surender.
  5. I will not betray the promises to my comrades.
  6. There is only one truth!
  7. I shall not run away.
  8. Do what you want the way you want to.


  1. My fundemental motivation. I have got time and I am bored.
  2. Any other name including communism- Liberty ftw.
  3. From Kare Kano/His & Her Circumstances.
  4. Churchill
  5. Steins; Gate OP
  6. A certain seven year old high school boy pointing his index finger.
  7. Shiji Ikari’s catchphrase.
  8. Captain Tylor’s first and (what was supposed to be his) final order.

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